In next table the list of the most important patents and available licenses is reported:

Type of Technology

Scrubber (Standards):
A. Fan/Separator Models F/S 1/16 Thru F/S 13
B. Cross Flow Scrubbers Models C/F 1 thru C/F 25
C. Towers Models V/F e VTB Series
Tri-Mer Corp. USA

Scrubber High Performances:
A. Fan/Separators Double Pack Models F/S 1/4 DP thru F/S 13 DP
B. Cross Flow Scrubbers Double Pack Models C/F 1 DP thru C/F 25 DP
C.Towers (Heavy Duty) Models B/F & VTB Series
Tri-Mer Corp. USA

Centrifugal Fans Models #06 thru #72
Tri-Mer Corp. USA

Hoods Special Push and Pull Systems
Tri-Mer Corp. USA

Whirl/Wet Dust Collector:
A. Standard units
B. Special units
C. Whirl/Wet Fans
Tri-Mer Corp. USA

Tri-NOx , Tri-NOx  Multi-Chem,  De SOx , Odor Control Systems
Tri-Mer Corp. USA

Chrome Scrub  (recovery of Chromic acid fumes from galvanic)
Tri-Mer Corp. USA

CCS Systems
Tri-Mer Corp. USA

UTF (Ultra Temp Filtration) for Particles, NOx , SOx , Dioxins, Furans, heavy metals, inorganic, halogen
Tri-Mer Corp. USA

DCPA (Dry Catalitic Pollution Abatement)
Greenengineers Process Systems S.r.l.

Three-S (VOC abatement)
Greenengineers Process Systems S.r.l.

RediOx (Wet Dioxin abatement)
Greenengineers Process Systems S.r.l.

Waste Water Reuse (for zero blow-down systems)
Greenengineers Process Systems S.r.l.

Synfuel Purification Systems (for Syngas and Synoil produced through Gasification and/or Pyrolysis processes)
Greenengineers Process Systems S.r.l.


Greenengineers Process Systems S.r.l. is an Engineering & Contracting Company and is active in the market of the Process Engineering for Industry.

The Company field of action ranges from the concept design up to the construction of Fabs, Utilities and Ancillaries.

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