case study #2 - A.R. S.P.A. (food industry)

project description

Design and Construction of a power plant for steam production and distribution

Greenengineers Team Scope of Work
Construction & Supply
Testing & Certificates
Process qualification
Handover and documentation

Main Operational Parameters
Steam production: 200.000,0 Kg/h
Number Steam generators: 12
Max operating pressure: 12.0 bar
Number of degassing systems: 3
Number distribution manifolds: 2
Fuel Gas: CH4
Condensate recovery storage and distribution: 50 Hl 
A.R. S.P.A. (food industry)
Foggia (FG) Italy


Greenengineers Process Systems S.r.l. is an Engineering & Contracting Company and is active in the market of the Process Engineering for Industry.

The Company field of action ranges from the concept design up to the construction of Fabs, Utilities and Ancillaries.

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